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“Alison is a thorough, thoughtful UX designer with a good grasp of the mobile space. Many times I have seen her successfully streamline user flows to remove unnecessary clicks and confusing structure. Alison makes good use of wire frames and pre-planning to ensure her designs are quick to execute. Alison clearly designs with a holistic view of the game in mind, creating consistent interfaces that are quick to grasp and appealing to the eye.” Kate Flack, Game Designer at Mythic Entertainment

Alison at the North Carolina Games Summit

Hi! My name’s Alison Carrier. I am a UI/UX (and sometimes just regular ole game) designer with an emphasis in mobile game development. My specialities include: feature design, visual layouts, typography, and intuitive controls. I live in Austin, TX, with my partner, Gabe, an avid Football Manager fan, two cats named Saber and Pixel, and a tortoise called Argo. 

Currently I work for  Red Crow Austin, a mobile division of Electronic Arts. Our focus is on top-grossing iOS and Android games. This position allows me to have a hand in crafting the entire user experience, from writing fart jokes for the Simpsons to conducting very serious player tests. Of course, I have a blast creating all that I can for a game. Although my design past is varied, each experience has been a building block for my design sensibilities I currently have. I like to think I’m a good balance between data-driven design and gut-feeling, but at the end of the day, I’m all about fighting for the players’ experience. 

Sometimes I get the chance to talk about games, like at SXSW, Dragon Con, or Moore College of Art and Design. I’m always down to discuss diversity in games!

You can read more about my professional life by either checking out my résumé or visiting my LinkedIn profile.

Feel free to drop me a line.

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